Three Attractive Professional Female Models

The workshop's focus was body painting and I am still picking paint off of myself after a 30 minute shower. Oh well, I have given myself the next few days off.

I need a break. I think that's why I was getting irritated easily at the workshop. I hope it's okay to post about this without looking like someone who is ungrateful or rude.

But I noticed I was the only model who was painted twice and was shot with three [one when half done] different looks. At 6:55, when one model was almost out the door and another was showering, I was getting my paint touched up. The workshop was 2-7. At 7:15 I told them that I had something to do at 8:00 and needed to get washed up. I didn't get home until about 8:45 though.

Anyway, Rick was very kind. Dave was there and he's one of my favorite people to work with [and has already uploaded three images!] I also got to see some of the shoot he did was Shandra the day before, on camera. They are amazing! My friend Kristin, who I only learned recently is a model, was there, and it's always nice to see her. The other model was a girl named Emily and she was sweet. I didn't get to interact with anyone a great deal, but I liked everyone. And, of course, Suzanne was there body painting. The photo on the flyer is from a shoot I did with her in 2006 at her old studio apartment.

Today is a day I've set aside for personal progress! Wish me luck...


Kita said...

Good luck! Those days of post shoot mental recovery are so important if you're shooting often!

Iona Lynn said...

That is why you are the best!!!