Busy busy busy.

Tomorrow I am modeling for a workshop at Edge Studios that I am excited about. Today I did a shoot with Kena that went great! I think we were equally impressed with each other. I want to talk more about our shoot in another blog, when I have images to share maybe.

Last Wednesday I shot with an amateur photographer named Dan. I had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for work because things were going kind of slow [and boy did they pick up!] We'd exchanged e-mails for a while. I think he felt pretty inferior to all of the photographers whose work is in my portfolio and I tried to make him feel better. I like working with amateurs a lot because I like to think that they will learn from our shoot [either from me or from themselves] and I work for money, anyway. Photos are just a plus, so if they're not usable, it's no big deal.

But I have been using a photo from my shoot with Dan in my portfolio. And I'm smiling in it. How about that?

They are not bad at all...

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Just said...

I remember taking that shot. I recall the feeling of, "Gotcha!" I'm not the only one captivated by that smile it seems: look at the comments: "adorable," "cute," "pretty," "lovely," "gorgeous."

What does that tell you?

I hope the class today went well. Keep on blogging!