eclectic vision / velella vellella

it was suggested i work with this traveling lady model/photographer while she was in town recently. she was staying at velella velella's house and they both shot me a little, just before it started to rain.



i especially love working with lady photographers and i have worked with a string of them lately. most of them either are also models or used to be models. and i think they have all been travelers, too! maybe not quite as crustie as i am, but that is asking for a lot.

the first in this recent string i had the pleasure to work with was wara, who shoots some lovely nudes, but we were outside in the city and did not venture into that territory. which was a nice change of pace for me, and now is my chance to show people what i look like on a daily basis. [though if i'm good i'm also wearing glasses.]


travelng models.

i recently found out about this blog, http://travelingmodels.blogspot.com!

and i asked if i could post to it! and they said yes! [i know and admire everyone on there.]

i'm not sure what i should post to it, when i do.. it's hard for me to gauge what to leave out and what to include even in my personal blog, but i'll figure it out.

anyway, very worth reading.

jeffrey m. fletcher in north carolina.


is one of the nicest, interesting and most respectful people i have worked with! and his work is very beautifully unique, especially for being showcased on modelmayhem. he is a true artist. he gave me all the tea i could drink and let me hang out with his dog and his orphan cats. i worked with him when i was on tour and he just sent me some images. [he uses film.] i really like the layering of my tattoos especially.