Going to LA on Monday

Crap, there are still people I need to call and confirm we are actually shooting next week. I hope we are.. So many people stopped replying to messages after a while or had to cancel or whatever... I am not making much profit. But I've been so busy! Tomorrow, tomorrow..

Anyway. I also don't have a place to stay for the last three nights. Hahah! But I have decided to go anyway. I'm pretty sure I can at least stay in the back of my friend Kyle's friend's truck. [We slept in there a couple months ago while passing through.] I just don't want to impose on her if he's not there, too [He's here now], because we don't know each other very well. But if I'm desperate...

A photographer I'd never spoken to before who lives in Florida offered to send me cash to help out. I declined. Sometimes the line between allowing someone to be nice to you and taking advantage of that person is a little blurry. Maybe I just need glasses.

The first two days I'm going to be in Lancaster at "Raven's Ranch." That'll probably be the best part. I can't wait. I've wanted to work with this guy for years!! Sheesh. And everyone wants me to say hi to him. And his wife [I think?] who I recently just exchanged words with online for the first time and I think we will get along very well.

Okay I'm going to an Iron Maiden show now! Later.

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Daryl Darko said...

i'd not imagine you being an Iron Maiden fan. wow! hope you have a great time! i have a friend that lives in Palmdale that you could stay with but he is on vacation in Hawaii right now... darn.