Little Did She Know...

David Wolff is a photographer from the DC area and I just happened to come across a last minute casting call from him on modelmayhem looking for a model on May 12th or 13th in Oakland. I came across it on the 12th, after I got home from another shoot, and asked if he'd found anyone yet because I was free the next night. I think I was looking at the castings in California for jobs while in LA and didn't feel like restricting the search to only LA when there are plenty of surrounding towns I can get to on Metrolink. I have been scheduling way too much and feeling very overwhelmed, but I find it hard to pass up a job opportunity..

He was still free and it was his last night in Oakland and he wanted to shoot! He provided references right away. I told him he could contact anyone in my "credits" section and he replied that he didn't need reference for me. "Your reputation precedes you." That was great to hear...

I called him in the afternoon [slept in a lot, my schedule has been bad] and we were supposed to shoot at around 7pm for some sunset shots on the Oakland Estuary. His phone never rang or told him he had a message so we both thought the other was flaking. A MM message exchange at about 6pm saved the shoot! I made it there at 7. He was impressed that I rode my bicycle to his hotel.

The sunset shots didn't work out as well as he'd wanted because there were too many people around for us to feel comfortable with nudes. he had another idea to photograph my inside his hotel room from outside the door, to look like a "Peeping Tom" or spy. It was fun because I got to use my own direction entirely since he was too far away to hear.

I can't wait to see the other images from that day.

Also, I gave myself a haircut on May 5, the last new moon. I have been feeling pretty down lately and it was part of a ritual for death/birth within myself. I have done five photo shoots since then and this is the first photo I have to show of it.


Anonymous said...

I like the photograph in your blog. If ever in NYC say hello. I am on Modelmayhem. I just sent you a PM on model mayhem. All the best in your travels and shoots. Be safe and happy :)

Wolf189 Photography said...

I like how you write...it reads like a short story. :)

Wynd said...

Thanks. :).

Please keep reading, then!