just got done with an awesome shoot!

hi everyone,

so i haven't been writing in here too often. i'm slipping up again. maybe i'm writing in here because chris, the photographer i worked with today, mentioned having looked at my blog. wowie! most people do not even take the time to read my modelmayhem bio [a few days ago someone asked: "have you shaved recently by chance?"] and this person even clicked on my link! how pleasant.

also i would like to use this small space to endorse the idea of finding gigs on craigslist. everyone always talks shit about craigslist and says that that's where the creeps hang out. well, my take is that the creeps hang out everywhere, but not everyone who hangs out everywhere is a creep. i set up a lot of work through craigslist. i often meet photographers on craigslist who have modelmayhem accounts [or their own websites, or...] but who just also use craigslist. just like me!

the person who posted the craigslist ad which led to today's shoot was larry from beaks of eagles and the shoot today was a fashion shoot! what a fun change. he's in monterey and asked if it were possible for me to make it down there. actually, he said, "alas, you are my second choice. only because you are in berkeley." and i said, "well, i just started school, but i have a few days off a week and it's only a few hour's hitch." but he ended up coming up here anyway. but he did not have a spot in mind to shoot. he was asking for a "post punk" fashion model and describing grungey environments that he'd like to shoot in. so i said, "alright, i live in a squat. we can't use the whole house, it would be impossible to get everyone to cooperate and some people would be against it anyway. but we can shoot in my room. there's lots of weird stuff all over and cool paintings on the wall and stuff. but it might not be big enough?"
it was big enough.

i was worried that larry and chris actually, once they got here, would not be comfortable and ask to go somewhere else or cancel the shoot or something. many people do not live the kind of lifestyle that would ever bring them to my house. but these two were very into it, and chris is even going to come here in a few weeks for a goth/hardcore/punk show i'm booking! and the images are going to have the background of my beautiful sanctuary of a room!

of course they're not available yet. but i'll post one or two when they are.

i've got some other goodies around the corner, too...