Holy crap.

Sorry but I couldn't think of a better title.

My friend Kyle is in town and has been staying here for the past couple days. It's really nice to force myself to interact with someone when I've otherwise been totally reclusive.

Anyway, we talk about things a lot. I was talking to him about traveling and how I'm going to be modeling a lot. I said something about how I'd need to find places to shower before shoots and not look all scummy with train dirt or whatever. And he suggested I try to find gigs as a hobo squatter - "You could probably make a lot of money." Kyle has some very good ideas but he doesn't know anything about modeling. "Where would this 'lot of money come from?'" But anyway, maybe he was on to something..

Last night I tried putting "Anyone who wants to shoot me as a dirty train hopping squatter gets first priority! [This is how I travel; This is how I live.]" at the bottom of my MM profile. I went to sleep and woke up to this: " Hello,

I would love to shoot with you, as a squatter, an abducted homeless girl, anything taboo, dark, erotic..."

Hell yes! People are actually interested in that?...

By the way, I should have planned to stay longer in Philly because I'm booking there quickly. [Though not much actually in Philly, just close by for the most part.]


Anonymous said...

That's one story in a collection... Keep going, you'll have enough for a book! I'll buy the first copy..


You friend Kyle said...

Hah... My ideas don't suck. jerk.