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Oh hello there.

I am about to go on a trip. I have always leaned towards hoboisms. But this time I am going to incorporate modeling in every major city I can! Today I was working with a nice amateur photographer in the SF Bay Peninsula named Dan - Who replied to a Craigslist ad I posted and doesn't have a portfolio that I know of, or I would link to it. - and he asked me if I would be posting travel experiences and updates.

I have always done this personally to an extent but as adventures become my every day life I slack off more and more. This time it's different though as I'm traveling as part dirty street musician train hopper and part beautiful business woman! I have decided to start a blog for the first time for anyone interested in my work or what I have to say at all.

For anyone who doesn't know me...

I have been
modeling for about three years. Alternative, art nude, fetish, alt. glamour, even commercial sometimes. One could even call me a "professional model," because it is my only source of income and I am able to make a living this way. When I do live indoors, I am able to pay my rent and utilities and all of that. I really only do paid work.

I am pretty active on a site called modelmayhem. [My portfolio there:
http://www.modelmayhem.com/wyndmulysa.] I use the forums there to communicate with people and I don't know why because for the most part I don't care about anything posted there. But I have met some great people and it's good for networking. Maybe this will take some time away from that, though.

I am an anarchist, a feminist and activist. I am a vegan. I don't drink or do any drugs. I have tattoos and dreadlocks and I don't shave. I don't go shopping. I am a minimalist. Sometimes I sleep under bridges or in abandoned buildings. I am stronger than I look. And I am here to share experiences....

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Kita said...

:) Lookin forward to reading all of your adventures!