Shoot with Daren.

At the beginning of the month, I shot with my friend Daren again for the first time in at least a year.. Maybe more. It was nice to see him again! It was a little difficult because he said I was "posing too much" from gaining modeling experience. So I tried not to, and then he would direct me, and when I did what he said he would think it looked like I was posing. Or something. But we worked it out, haha. And we had fun.


Going to LA on Monday

Crap, there are still people I need to call and confirm we are actually shooting next week. I hope we are.. So many people stopped replying to messages after a while or had to cancel or whatever... I am not making much profit. But I've been so busy! Tomorrow, tomorrow..

Anyway. I also don't have a place to stay for the last three nights. Hahah! But I have decided to go anyway. I'm pretty sure I can at least stay in the back of my friend Kyle's friend's truck. [We slept in there a couple months ago while passing through.] I just don't want to impose on her if he's not there, too [He's here now], because we don't know each other very well. But if I'm desperate...

A photographer I'd never spoken to before who lives in Florida offered to send me cash to help out. I declined. Sometimes the line between allowing someone to be nice to you and taking advantage of that person is a little blurry. Maybe I just need glasses.

The first two days I'm going to be in Lancaster at "Raven's Ranch." That'll probably be the best part. I can't wait. I've wanted to work with this guy for years!! Sheesh. And everyone wants me to say hi to him. And his wife [I think?] who I recently just exchanged words with online for the first time and I think we will get along very well.

Okay I'm going to an Iron Maiden show now! Later.


As my personal relationships fizzle out,

I am having a lot of luck with business relationships!

A photographer I worked with recently wants to pay for me to have a VIP account on Modelmayhem. Which is great because I've been thinking about it but don't know if I want to pay the $10 a month. It's payment for a future shoot, which I feel pretty comfortable with. And appreciate more than many things. Now let's just see if it's possible...

Mariah is really fun to hang out with and her cats are nice except one of them didn't want me pickin' him up. :/. Our shoot today was great. I am still picking prickly things out of my socks. What else is new?

This image is from the beginning of our day, just trying to quickly capture some good expressions.

We did two Zivity sets today... Or three or something! I'm very happy with them and can't wait to have more up. My first set hasn't been doing as well as what the average is and I've kinda been down on myself for that.. But these are super awesome! So put them up, Zivity! I'm still trying to figure out that site and how to be seen because there isn't much in the way of networking. But I have some tricks up my sleeve.

[If any of my two blog readers would like to join, send me a message and I can probably help you out.]

Today was exhausting. Hell, so was.. Every day for the past four months. And many more to come. But soon I will be able to breathe.

Holy crap.

Sorry but I couldn't think of a better title.

My friend Kyle is in town and has been staying here for the past couple days. It's really nice to force myself to interact with someone when I've otherwise been totally reclusive.

Anyway, we talk about things a lot. I was talking to him about traveling and how I'm going to be modeling a lot. I said something about how I'd need to find places to shower before shoots and not look all scummy with train dirt or whatever. And he suggested I try to find gigs as a hobo squatter - "You could probably make a lot of money." Kyle has some very good ideas but he doesn't know anything about modeling. "Where would this 'lot of money come from?'" But anyway, maybe he was on to something..

Last night I tried putting "Anyone who wants to shoot me as a dirty train hopping squatter gets first priority! [This is how I travel; This is how I live.]" at the bottom of my MM profile. I went to sleep and woke up to this: " Hello,

I would love to shoot with you, as a squatter, an abducted homeless girl, anything taboo, dark, erotic..."

Hell yes! People are actually interested in that?...

By the way, I should have planned to stay longer in Philly because I'm booking there quickly. [Though not much actually in Philly, just close by for the most part.]


Random thought.

I started modeling in the first place because I wanted money. And it worked.

But three times a few weeks at the beginning of May, I did trade shoots. I haven't gotten any shots back from those. I have, though, gotten photos back from 4/5 paid shoots that have happened since then.

People say that models who work for pay should not get photos as well. But no one has ever not offered me photos when offering me pay.

I wonder if people who are paying for a service are more into it and more likely to spend time uploading and editing immediately after.

One day,

after my travels, I will post a very long upset surprising rant. I've been hearing too much. I've been thinking too much - I know, models are supposed to be brain dead. Sorry.

But tomorrow I am working with Mariah Carle and that will rule.


I'll Meet You at the Cemetery Gates..


Working with Daryl was really fun! He's very nice and easy to work with and has been doing a Cemetery Girl series that you can see at the above link. He's also photographed some awesome bands. And he had a crimethinc sticker on his car but I didn't ask about it...

I have done three shoots in this cemetery now and it never gets boring.

I even had my bachelorette party at the mausoleum. I told Daryl about how beautiful it is there, but we didn't go inside until it was just about to close. :(.

It was a very warm day with a breeze, just like it has been every day lately. I'm finding packing to be a very hard task....


Three Attractive Professional Female Models

The workshop's focus was body painting and I am still picking paint off of myself after a 30 minute shower. Oh well, I have given myself the next few days off.

I need a break. I think that's why I was getting irritated easily at the workshop. I hope it's okay to post about this without looking like someone who is ungrateful or rude.

But I noticed I was the only model who was painted twice and was shot with three [one when half done] different looks. At 6:55, when one model was almost out the door and another was showering, I was getting my paint touched up. The workshop was 2-7. At 7:15 I told them that I had something to do at 8:00 and needed to get washed up. I didn't get home until about 8:45 though.

Anyway, Rick was very kind. Dave was there and he's one of my favorite people to work with [and has already uploaded three images!] I also got to see some of the shoot he did was Shandra the day before, on camera. They are amazing! My friend Kristin, who I only learned recently is a model, was there, and it's always nice to see her. The other model was a girl named Emily and she was sweet. I didn't get to interact with anyone a great deal, but I liked everyone. And, of course, Suzanne was there body painting. The photo on the flyer is from a shoot I did with her in 2006 at her old studio apartment.

Today is a day I've set aside for personal progress! Wish me luck...


Another from David Wolff:

Busy busy busy.

Tomorrow I am modeling for a workshop at Edge Studios that I am excited about. Today I did a shoot with Kena that went great! I think we were equally impressed with each other. I want to talk more about our shoot in another blog, when I have images to share maybe.

Last Wednesday I shot with an amateur photographer named Dan. I had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for work because things were going kind of slow [and boy did they pick up!] We'd exchanged e-mails for a while. I think he felt pretty inferior to all of the photographers whose work is in my portfolio and I tried to make him feel better. I like working with amateurs a lot because I like to think that they will learn from our shoot [either from me or from themselves] and I work for money, anyway. Photos are just a plus, so if they're not usable, it's no big deal.

But I have been using a photo from my shoot with Dan in my portfolio. And I'm smiling in it. How about that?

They are not bad at all...


Little Did She Know...

David Wolff is a photographer from the DC area and I just happened to come across a last minute casting call from him on modelmayhem looking for a model on May 12th or 13th in Oakland. I came across it on the 12th, after I got home from another shoot, and asked if he'd found anyone yet because I was free the next night. I think I was looking at the castings in California for jobs while in LA and didn't feel like restricting the search to only LA when there are plenty of surrounding towns I can get to on Metrolink. I have been scheduling way too much and feeling very overwhelmed, but I find it hard to pass up a job opportunity..

He was still free and it was his last night in Oakland and he wanted to shoot! He provided references right away. I told him he could contact anyone in my "credits" section and he replied that he didn't need reference for me. "Your reputation precedes you." That was great to hear...

I called him in the afternoon [slept in a lot, my schedule has been bad] and we were supposed to shoot at around 7pm for some sunset shots on the Oakland Estuary. His phone never rang or told him he had a message so we both thought the other was flaking. A MM message exchange at about 6pm saved the shoot! I made it there at 7. He was impressed that I rode my bicycle to his hotel.

The sunset shots didn't work out as well as he'd wanted because there were too many people around for us to feel comfortable with nudes. he had another idea to photograph my inside his hotel room from outside the door, to look like a "Peeping Tom" or spy. It was fun because I got to use my own direction entirely since he was too far away to hear.

I can't wait to see the other images from that day.

Also, I gave myself a haircut on May 5, the last new moon. I have been feeling pretty down lately and it was part of a ritual for death/birth within myself. I have done five photo shoots since then and this is the first photo I have to show of it.

Getting Started Broken Hearted.

At 4:30 am or whatever unreasonable hour I started this blog, I was adding links to blogs of other models and photographers I love. I went to my absolute favorite and.. It has been all made private. It is on a site made just for the model and the entire site was gone. I went to her Modelmayhem site and it was gone. So, I sent her an e-mail. I was crushed. I'd been suffering from insomnia and was particularly emotional.

When a person works in a field that is not typical for them, they are surrounded by people who don't understand why they do the things they do* and vice versa. So, when I find someone who shares one of my strong opinions or ideals, they inspire me greatly and help me understand myself. Candy was the only model I knew with a feminist blog.. Now she has retired from modeling. I will always admire her.

There are some others who have made me feel more comfortable and I am thankful for them as well.

*" i gotta ask... i figure you can tell me to mind my own business.... Why have you chosen to not shave for over a year?"

"I stopped shaving at 20 when I went transient for the first time. I stopped wearing makeup at that point, too, because it would be too hard to put on every day and I wasn't washing my face very often while on the road anyway. It was very hard for me to look in the mirror without makeup on and be happy with who I actually was, without a mask of white powder and eyeliners [because I always wore goth makeup.] It was a gradual thing that took a while.. And it made me very frustrated with the societal "norms" and ideas put into young womens' heads about what is beautiful and what it not. Shaving goes with that, too. Why add so much or take away so much based on what someone tells you you should look like? ...

That's my story."

" two more questions... are you still married? and Are you transient still and what does that involve? where is home for you?"

"Yes, I am still married. Home is the bay area until the end of the month and then it is wherever I happen to be. But I'll be back here in 6-8 months. My trip to LA will be fancy in my opinion because I will bring a lot with me and I will be taking a bus to and from and staying at peoples' houses. Generally, as a transient [which I was taking a break from being until now], I travel by hitch-hiking or on freight trains and I sleep under bridges or in abandoned houses. Or just outside somewhere. And I only carry a backpack with maybe one change of clothes in it and some books."

" why?"

Testing, 1, 2, 3, 6, 6, 6.........

Oh hello there.

I am about to go on a trip. I have always leaned towards hoboisms. But this time I am going to incorporate modeling in every major city I can! Today I was working with a nice amateur photographer in the SF Bay Peninsula named Dan - Who replied to a Craigslist ad I posted and doesn't have a portfolio that I know of, or I would link to it. - and he asked me if I would be posting travel experiences and updates.

I have always done this personally to an extent but as adventures become my every day life I slack off more and more. This time it's different though as I'm traveling as part dirty street musician train hopper and part beautiful business woman! I have decided to start a blog for the first time for anyone interested in my work or what I have to say at all.

For anyone who doesn't know me...

I have been
modeling for about three years. Alternative, art nude, fetish, alt. glamour, even commercial sometimes. One could even call me a "professional model," because it is my only source of income and I am able to make a living this way. When I do live indoors, I am able to pay my rent and utilities and all of that. I really only do paid work.

I am pretty active on a site called modelmayhem. [My portfolio there:
http://www.modelmayhem.com/wyndmulysa.] I use the forums there to communicate with people and I don't know why because for the most part I don't care about anything posted there. But I have met some great people and it's good for networking. Maybe this will take some time away from that, though.

I am an anarchist, a feminist and activist. I am a vegan. I don't drink or do any drugs. I have tattoos and dreadlocks and I don't shave. I don't go shopping. I am a minimalist. Sometimes I sleep under bridges or in abandoned buildings. I am stronger than I look. And I am here to share experiences....