tour dates.

hello everyone. i am going to be traveling with a 30 day greyhound pass on a pretty tight tour as an author and musician. i am the kind of person who always needs to be doing something, so i thought i would see if anyone was interested in adding some photo shoots to my schedule. it looks like they will only allow me to choose three locations at a time, so i will have to post more than once. but here is my schedule:

january 2nd evening - january 4 evening: asheville, nc. [i am booked on the 3rd with a shoot and a show.]

january 5 late afternoon - january 6 evening: pensacola, fl. [i have an event at 7pm on the 5th.]

january 7 morning - january 8 afternoon: gainseville, fl. [i have an event at 7:30 on the 7th.]

january 8 evening - january 10 afternoon: pensacola, fl. [the 9th is my birthday!]

january 10 evening - january 13 morning: new orleans, la. [i have an event at 7pm on the 11th.]

january 13 afternoon - january 15 afternoon: houston, tx. [event at 7pm on the 13th, shoot in the afternoon/evening of the 14th. possible shoot on the morning of the 15th.]

january 16
afternoon - january 18 evening: denver, co. [event in the afternoon/evening on the 16th.]

january 19 evening - january ??: portland, or. [event on the 20th at 7pm. shoot on an unspecified day so far.]

then i am back in oakland at the end of january.