As my personal relationships fizzle out,

I am having a lot of luck with business relationships!

A photographer I worked with recently wants to pay for me to have a VIP account on Modelmayhem. Which is great because I've been thinking about it but don't know if I want to pay the $10 a month. It's payment for a future shoot, which I feel pretty comfortable with. And appreciate more than many things. Now let's just see if it's possible...

Mariah is really fun to hang out with and her cats are nice except one of them didn't want me pickin' him up. :/. Our shoot today was great. I am still picking prickly things out of my socks. What else is new?

This image is from the beginning of our day, just trying to quickly capture some good expressions.

We did two Zivity sets today... Or three or something! I'm very happy with them and can't wait to have more up. My first set hasn't been doing as well as what the average is and I've kinda been down on myself for that.. But these are super awesome! So put them up, Zivity! I'm still trying to figure out that site and how to be seen because there isn't much in the way of networking. But I have some tricks up my sleeve.

[If any of my two blog readers would like to join, send me a message and I can probably help you out.]

Today was exhausting. Hell, so was.. Every day for the past four months. And many more to come. But soon I will be able to breathe.


Daryl Darko said...

ya, i'd like to join!

Stelios said...

interesting your stuff,
my regards

amybird said...

you have another reader now :)