Shots by Cyber Zeds Photography

Cyber Zeds shot me at GPS studios, too.  I am in love with the shots he sent me:


What I Do Every Day.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Light Writer  on some lifestyle stuff.  We met at my favorite frequented co-op cafe, stopped to say hello to my vanhome, and walked around for a few hours.  Light Writer sometimes would ask me what I thought of the displays in windows of shops, or poster advertisements in them.  I am an anti-capitalist and minimalist.  I think he knew this.  I soon found out that he was asking me questions at time specifically to get a reaction out of me and then photograph it.  He would take these photos and immediately have a deep meaning to explain to me.  A true artist, quicker than I'll ever be.

And here they are: My loving home.

Also, I read while walking around a lot.  This time it's Samuel R. Delany's Dhalgren.


Tina from Goddess Photo Shoots

Another Glamour Bash attendee. It was so lovely to see a lady photographer there; Her energy really made the studio a better place. I hope that we'll work together again soon! Tina is so cool.