The Things People Do For Art....

My fourth day in the LA area, I woke up at 3:30am and was picked up around 4:00am by a nice photographer named Sean. We had talked about shooting a lot before deciding we could actually do it. We were going to a beach N. of Malibu to shoot at sunrise. I took a step outside in downtown LA and realized that it would be freezing on the beach. My breathing was weird, I lost feeling in my fingers and toes, and I felt bad but I was definitely complaining a little. But I got to see dolphins and starfish clinging to rocks on shore and I got to help create amazing images and meet a great person.

I lost my earing while there. My friend, Michelle, who I worked with in Pittsburgh in 2003, gave it to me then. I haven't seen her in over three years and I had been wearing this earing for at least two years straight. It must have fallen out in my sleep. It's in pretty much every photo ever taken of me. Almost.

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Daryl Darko said...

sweet story... i lost a bracelet once, was sure that i dropped it into the ocean. well, about 6 months ago my mother found it in a box of my belongings. that is over 15 years since i "thought" that i lost it! sometimes letting go of our dearest things, by force or by choice is what we need to do to be able to keep them.

nice thinking of you being near starfish and dolphins!