On Monday morning, I arrived at Union Station in downtown LA and I walked around for a half hour looking for a coffee shop to no avail until, finally, this homebum stopped me to say good morning. He asked me if I was a tourist. Oh god. :(. I asked him where there was a cafe and the only place nearby was this very strange restaurant with over-priced yucky food and 9cent cups of watery coffee. I hate coffee, but it was 6:30AM, I had just been on a bus overnight on which I was unfortunate enough to have someone sit next to me while others had empty seats next to them, and it was a little hard to sleep.. And I had two hours to kill before the Metrolink ran all the way to Lancaster. So I drank coffee. It was gross.

Then, a few hours later, I met up with ravens laughter and his friend, nevaehhlleh, who were at the Lancaster Metrolink station to pick me up!! Yay!! They are so nice. Later I got to meet the wife, Miya, who also rules.

The first day, Mr. raven and I created some pretty cool images. This is from the first few minutes. We had wanted to work together for like three years and I was nervous about not living up to any expectations. Silly, I know. Well...

Anyway, I stayed there for Monday and Tuesday and then I was off on my own, trekking all over the LA area, shooting. More later. Today is my last day here and I have a shoot in one hour.. But the photographer has not called me back yet. I wonder if he will.

P.S. If anyone who uses Blogger can help me with posting images, it would be greatly appreciated. Questions: 1. Why does it always appear at the top? This one was inserted after "This one is from the first few minutes." 2. Why is the text on the left like that in this post? When I "preview" it, it doesn't look like that. It's much more balanced.

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