Another day at the beach.

It was the day after the one below.

It started at a lifeguard tower, just like the one with Sean.

But it was in the afternoon and the shadows were very dramatic.

And it costed $10 to get the lifeguard tower shots.

But it was fun. And not as cold.

This shoot was with James and it consisted mostly of running around in the ocean. Waves were reaching crotch level at times. It was pretty cold but I went numb quickly.

There were a fair amount of people nearby. I think some guys were watching with binoculars from the parking lot for a short while.

Just as we were getting into his car, we noticed a sheriff car pulling into the parking lot.



Anonymous said...

What beach?

Cops, donuts, and guerilla nudes all go together... I don't even do that many and I have gotten questioned 5-6x now.

Anonymous said...

I forget that you can't be naked anywhere with out being questioned, unlike Oregon.

Wynd said...

I'm not sure which beach it was. Just a small town's spot.

I have never been questioned before, I'm pretty sneaky.

And it's legal to be nude in public in SF and Berkeley, just like how it is in parts of Oregon. But I try not to be nude in front of little kids or senior couples.

Daryl Darko said...

isn't it legal to go topless on Santa Cruz beaches now?

fototaker said...

haahaaha sounds like a heck of an adventure!!! trains in Europe are MUCH better!!!! you should try it!! they are also (very) much on time, not like here... grrrr wish you were here in the bay area; i'd loooove to shoot with you. great fotos of you at the beach!!! take care!! NOTE: i knew about Eugene but one can be NUDE in SF!?! wow!!!

Wynd said...

I was just living in the bay area and working as a model for three years. I wish you'd have contacted me then!! I'll be there again sometime...