tour report!

tour is going so well! i want to be on tour forever!

i thought riding greyhound buses for a month would kill my soul, but i've got to admit, halfway through, that it has been pretty comfortable. i haven't had any negative experiences and i have had two seats to myself [to sleep in] at least half the time. i find myself wanting the rides to take longer than they already do sometimes. we'll see how this changes as my next two bus rides will be over a day each. tonight i got to houston.

i have some shoots coming up to supplement my income of about $15 per event, which usually goes to buying soggy french fries at greyhound station diners. tomorrow i am shooting with chris at jcp graphics, who once randomly sent me a message asking if i ever go to houston. it's been years since i was last here, but it was a tentative date on my tour schedule so it was funny he asked. i'm excited about it! houston has kind of been sabotaging itself for me--first i didn't know the event had been approved so i didn't make a flyer for it, then i had it posted with the wrong date until very recently, and now my phone has mysteriously stopped allowing calls [both in and out] and i hope to hear from chris via e-mail before it's too late for us to shoot. i have a feeling it will work out, though, because everything else has.

i'll have a couple shoots in denver, too, and portland. and in asheville i had the pleasure of working with jeffrey m. fletcher, whose work is worth checking out and pretty unique. also i now know that he has some beautiful cats squatting his house, and a lovely dog lives there, too. we drank a lot of tea. oh yeah, and shot. we shot a lot.


bob said...

hey wynd, so glad to hear your trip went so good. i only wish you could see asheville in the spring time. mother nature is at her best in the smokey mtn area and you being such a nature soul would feel so at home. really love your updates on your blog, enjoy your adventures

Anonymous said...

I liked your thinking and your profile description
You are very beautiful and sensual. Your face has a unique beauty and raises good feelings in me. Luck!!!