tour dates.

hello everyone. i am going to be traveling with a 30 day greyhound pass on a pretty tight tour as an author and musician. i am the kind of person who always needs to be doing something, so i thought i would see if anyone was interested in adding some photo shoots to my schedule. it looks like they will only allow me to choose three locations at a time, so i will have to post more than once. but here is my schedule:

january 2nd evening - january 4 evening: asheville, nc. [i am booked on the 3rd with a shoot and a show.]

january 5 late afternoon - january 6 evening: pensacola, fl. [i have an event at 7pm on the 5th.]

january 7 morning - january 8 afternoon: gainseville, fl. [i have an event at 7:30 on the 7th.]

january 8 evening - january 10 afternoon: pensacola, fl. [the 9th is my birthday!]

january 10 evening - january 13 morning: new orleans, la. [i have an event at 7pm on the 11th.]

january 13 afternoon - january 15 afternoon: houston, tx. [event at 7pm on the 13th, shoot in the afternoon/evening of the 14th. possible shoot on the morning of the 15th.]

january 16
afternoon - january 18 evening: denver, co. [event in the afternoon/evening on the 16th.]

january 19 evening - january ??: portland, or. [event on the 20th at 7pm. shoot on an unspecified day so far.]

then i am back in oakland at the end of january.


bob said...

will you be stopping in greenville, sc? it is 60 miles from asheville. i know you would love their downtown. artist play on main street, etc. chance to make some money

bob said...

me again, if you get chance, google, "falls park", greenville, sc. it is river with waterfall and park right behind main st. a new modern art bridge crosses the river. it is a suspeneded bridge, voted best bridge of the year 4 years ago when they built it. main st. has cafes, art studios, etc. part of main st is new and west end is the old brick buidlings from 100 years ago with shops. most uniques downtown i have ever seen.

alan Collinge said...

Hmmm...Any chance of u coming as far north as Tacoma, WA.

Well...let me back up...I have a very odd project that you could either be completely not interested in...or absolutely and totally on fire for...its a new political movement...its...well....

Can u contact me? 253_617###3407


Wynd said...


it's pretty possible. i will give you a call later today.