gary & sandy!

i am in denver. first of all, my tour date here went very well! touring has done wonders for my shyness and insecurities. i saw lots of dear friends and i sold out of some stuff. and did 'zine trades!

that was yesterday.

right now i'm so sleepy because i just got back from a five hour photo shoot with gary and sandy! [okay, going to the goth club last night may have contributed a little, although i did not stay out very late.] before the shoot, i'd really only been in touch with gary [during lunch sandy and i talked about how we aren't so into the internet and cell phones and stuff like that so i guess it makes sense.] during our communications, he told me: "We do have two rules. 1. We will not ask you for any spread shots or showing your genitals. 2. I will not touch you, if something needs adjusting, please ask Sandy to do it."


the shoot today went so well. i wish i could work with these people regularly. they have been married for a while and i loved watching them interact. the three of us got some really nice shots together and i can't wait to see them on the big screen.

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Robert M. said...

Isn't it nice to work with people that actually respect their models!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures too!
Best of luck on your journey!