Shots by Dan at GPS Studios.

Dan doesn't have a link for me to post here,  but he was so much fun to work with and I wanted to post the images anyway.

[  In other news, I just had a wisdom tooth pulled!!  ]


Mario said...

Hi Wynd, my name is Mario im a Costa Rican reader of your blog and i am also into gothic music and anarcho-punk, so i was wondering in what kind of musical project are you currently working right now. Because in one of the last posts you made i saw that you were working in an album so i wanted to say that i wish you all the luck in the world with your project. Ps: I think your are the most beautifull woman i have ever seen in my life.

Wynd said...

Hey Mario!
Sorry for the delay.

I have a solo project called Earth's Widow and I am in a band called New Happiness.