Finally, something new!

A new post!

So, I have been back at home in the bay area since January. I'm going to leave again soon, in early June. I have been involved in lots of projects here and not making nearly any money for rent at all! Who cares?

On Tuesday I'm going to start riding my bike to Santa Cruz and then I'll start riding back on the 12th probably.

Last Thursday, I had a shoot at the landfill.
Everyone loves the landfill!

The weather was warmer than it usually is there, being on the bay and all. [Though ever since, it's been raining....] It was so nice to meet L. Raye, who took photos of me for a little under two hours, too! It was such a joy working with him I can't wait to see more from our adventures.

I wish I could show you guys how long my dreads are now. I haven't had a good photo that shows that in a while. Maybe soon, though!

I'm booking in the bay area until early June. Please send me an e-mail if you want to shoot.

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Anonymous said...

your blog is mostly about "eating" - I'd like to hear more about your artist side.