shooting with matt!

when i arrived at matt's house, after driving for two hours longer than google said i would have to drive, and then after that getting lost trying to find his street, he told me that he actually couldn't pay me like we'd discussed because someone stole his identity and bought $2300 of world of warcraft goods, but he would give me some gas money.

but he let me bathe in his sink so that makes up for everything i guess.


Saint said...


Is this your FB profile?? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1609704554

I don´t think so :(

Robert Monroe said...

It sucks that you didn't get paid for the job. Now I understand why so many mm models have paypal accounts and ask for part of the money up front!!! I hope the pictures come out great at least!!!
Much luck with the rest of your trip!

Wynd said...

hi saint!
no, that is not my facebook profile. thanks for letting me know.. any idea how i can have it removed? i guess i am pretty indifferent and find it maybe flattering, but also a little creepy. i do not have a facebook, so using that site is hard for me to figure out.

hi robert!
thanks. i didn't mean to post this entry as a slanderous thing. i trust him and i think it's a legitimate and kind of funny thing that happened. i expect to have a check in my PO box when i return home. it was a great experience shooting with him!