i especially love working with lady photographers and i have worked with a string of them lately. most of them either are also models or used to be models. and i think they have all been travelers, too! maybe not quite as crustie as i am, but that is asking for a lot.

the first in this recent string i had the pleasure to work with was wara, who shoots some lovely nudes, but we were outside in the city and did not venture into that territory. which was a nice change of pace for me, and now is my chance to show people what i look like on a daily basis. [though if i'm good i'm also wearing glasses.]


Robert M. said...

Wow! Now I want to see more fashion photos!

Wynd said...

what is the definition of fashion photos? it's rare for me to do work wearing clothing but this is just what i happened to be wearing that day. i guess i don't know how to define the photos. haha.

Robert M. said...

Great point! Especially since I like to blur the line between genre's!
I think I would like to see more pictures similar to these. Maybe like an exotic portrait (with clothes)?!?

Wynd said...

i like blurring the line, too.

thanks, i think this could be a good idea. :).