since my last entry, i have had the pleasure of working with mark of magical images of pa, not only once, but twice, the shoots taking place less than a week apart. this was perfect because i had planned on giving myself a haircut/color a few days after our first shoot.

i'm having some blogger issues, so allow me to post these as links:
from shoot #1.
from shoot #2.

[now i have glasses! who wants to document this change in appearance?]

i want to work with mark again as soon as i come back to the pittsburgh area. who knows when that will be? well, mark will, as soon as i do. i am in a much better mood now! there are a lot of genuinely kind, respectful and skilled photographers out there. i want to work with you.

p.s. to follow up on the last entry, i received a good amount of support in blog comments here, as well as in person and on modelmayhem. thanks, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

cool photos, you look beautifull